A comprehensive graphic illustration style for Kaodim products

How we started it

By early 2019, being a part of the small design team in Kaodim, I proposed to redesign our new illustrations in our core products. Prior to this we had very few illustrations in our products, and it was not based on any strict guidelines. For sometime the long-time-sleeping artist/comic-maker in me (ermm, or a wannabe one) was having a wee-bit concern that we needed to build something fresh and new. Beginning of the year seemed like a good time to start something new and fresh.

For those who haven’t heard about the product — Kaodim is a services marketplace connecting…

myboat — a new service from mytaxi, lets you travel long distances faster through water channels


You and your best friend are looking to cross the city and you would like to get there by using our app. You open the mytaxi app and you notice a fancy new service called myboat — that uses water channels to get you faster at your destination.

Task details:

— How would you integrate the new service? Can you think of an idea and put in a couple of UI screens? Feel free to change everything in the current app, in order to sustain your idea.

— We are big fans of small explanatory texts and pictures… and unicorns…

A very short UX guide on the empty states — on-boarding, error, clear & no results states

One of the few newly introduced empty state screen on the Kaodim mobile app.

When I joined Kaodim in June, the team was gearing up to implement a new design system, a new design philosophy for the brand. For those who don’t know Kaodim, we are the №1 Services Marketplace in Southeast Asia. At the time, as a newbie, I got myself immersed in the product to understand how it works, which helped me look at every possible aspect of the user journey.

The thought was to pay attention to every element in the design, and guide users on all scenarios and all unexpected states. …


Couple of weeks ago, I discovered mytaxi from a job portal, while I was browsing through Product Designer roles. Hailing from India, I haven’t got a chance to use mytaxi service yet, but have good experiences using other taxi services in the market.

One thing I really liked about mytaxi is the name. I believe that having “My” in a service gives a personal feeling and attachment of the product for the users. After checking out mytaxi on the internet, I decided to give it a try. A brief about mytaxi follows

mytaxi, founded in June 2009, brought the international…

This is Quandoo — brand new!

“Quandoo, an online reservation platform, offers online channels and mobile apps to search, find and reserve restaurants in real-time. Quandoo has their existing identity, which looks to me like a plate/dish.

The combination of the mark + wordmark, the complete logo of Quandoo has it’s wordmark “uandoo” after the Q mark.

UX Analysis and An Unsolicited Redesign

The challenge: To start using an application I was unaware of about two months ago, start using it, study it, and then see how far I could push myself creatively as a designer, and redesign, as well as rebrand it from scratch.

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary designer, having worked as a graphic/visual designer, UI designer, UX Designer, and currently I work as a Product Designer for mobile platform at Cleartrip.

I used this opportunity to push my boundaries, explore my skills in all areas of design I could touch upon, and present Quandoo completely brand-new.

I also did a complete re-branding of Quandoo. You can see the rebranding presentation here.

I am a newbie…

Drivy lets you rent private or professional vehicles close to home, or rent your own vehicle to make it profitable.

My Mission: To see how far I could push myself as a designer, by rebuilding Drivy from the ground up, and actually design for mobile (Android) to give optimal user experience.

Side note: As I was never associated with Drivy before, all you see here in the case study are solely my views. Unlike the designers who work at Drivy, I do not have any access to all the user data that influenced their current design. Although I am certainly assertive that this redesign aims at giving a better experience for Drivy’s mobile app compared to what they have now.

Prasil Lakshmanan

“A designer and much more.”

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