The change Impossible

There is this immense desire in everyone's heart, to turn back the mistakes they have committed in the past or simply to change their past. On the other hand I have seen people who declare or usually advice that, doing something will change your future or there are those lovely proverbs describing how one can act to change one’s future.

These remarkable yet confusing thoughts awaken my intellectual powers to think more about the possible change in TIME’s context.

Yes, I did say to people regretting my mistakes that “I want to change whatever I have done.” But, ultimately what I found out that, regardless of how hard I try or I wish I cannot change my actions performed in past. So there is no meaning in even thinking about the things I could have done or had not done.
Next thing I thought was to change the future. It’s like “Okay if you cannot change the past don’t worry, let’s not repeat the same mistakes and you will change your future.” That does make some sense but wait, what did I say you can change your future, and what is it? Future is “the event yet to happen”, so how can one change something that is non-existent? Let me explain it with an example if I say “I will change my car” it does presume that, I presently own a car or at least, I have rented a car and I am going to change it with another car. But if I don’t happen to have a car how could I just change my car?
So in case I am willing to change my future, I cannot do it actually as no such thing as future exists in there. Here it may just mean to change my probable future but not the actual one. In the long last I may say that one is not going to change the future, rather it’s going to create a future of its own.

Astonishing discussion is this for me with myself, I don’t know if it does affect others’ intellectuals as it does mine.

Yet incomplete the whole affair of time is, without the most prominent member of the Time Family and the one closest in meaning of time is the Present.
Though we hardly say “I am going to change my present” or “I am changing my present”. Does it really make some sense? I am really puzzled about this, but to the extent my dwarf wisdom allows me to think of it, I have my own perspective.
So to change the present the very first thing I need is to have it and fortunately unlike the future or the past, I can claim to possess the present. But for how long? And is it enough to change present? A literature expert may suggest the continuous tense where I am having the present with me and I am running with it, so I can easily alter it. But being a science person I would hardly accept that, though I have present in my hand but it is rather momentary so the instance I create it, it slips out and becomes my past. And practically I can say that just like the future I can only create the present not change it.
In the end I would like to sum up that, in terms of time I find it impossible to change anything and that’s the beautiful mystery of time.

But it doesn’t mean that we can’t change anything, we can change ourselves, our lives and everything but unfortunately not the three members of the Time Family. Atleast until there comes some super intelligent and ambitious scientist who makes some crazy time machine like some science fiction movie.
Rather I would say it’s technically not correct to say things like “Try to chtnge your past” or “This will change your future” or “Changing the present”.

The discussion about time and how it treats us is very mind boggling and thinking about time machines create lots of paradoxes and ambiguities so for now I would stop here and let the topic rest till it bounces back someday suddenly.

Apparently this is the end of my present, what I thought was my past what I am writing is my present and I don’t know how future stays with this article.