Episode-1 : Bhagavatam

Parakshit Maharaj requested Sukha maharshi to narrate the story of Krishna avatar.

Once ‘asuras’ took birth on the earth and occupied it. They started ruling it. With too many sinners , Mother Earth was not able to bear the burden and prayed Lord Brahma to save her. Brahma took her and other devatas to Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was in deep meditation. But Brahma could hear his words. Lord Vishnu promised to take birth as a human being as son of Vasudeva. Let all the devatas be born on earth. All the apsaras would take the form of humans and serve the Lord. Adisesha would take birth as elder brother of Vishnu. Yoga maya, who envelops the earth with delusion would also take birth on the earth for a short period. Thus he assured all of them that he would deliver the Mother Earth from all her hardships.When Brahma explained this to the other Devatas and Mother Earth, they were relieved and left with hope in their hearts.

Surasena, a king in Yadava Lineage had a son Vasudeva. Vasudeva married Devakidevi , princess of Mathura. After their wedding , they planned to return home. Kamsa, son of Ugrasena and brother of Devakidevi decided to drive the chariot as a mark of affection to his sister. But as he started the journey,they suddenly heard a Heavenly voice uttering from the sky”The eighth son of thsi virtuous lady would kill you.”. Kamsa was shocked and with anger pulled his sister down from the chariot and was ready to kill her with his sword. But Vasudeva rushed and stopped him. ‘She is a bride, your sister and a woman. Show some mercy.” Kamsa did not relent.

Vasudeva continued his pleading, cajoled him and promised that since the threat was with her children he would give him her sons as soon as they were born. It was then that Kamsa was convinced. But he imprisoned them in his palace.

Devakidevi and Vasudeva suffered many hardships. Every year she gave birth to one child . Vasudeva kept his word and gave them to Kamsa. Kamsa, with all cruelty killed them.

Kamsa imprisoned his own father Ugrasena and occupied his throne. He also made treaties with some kingdoms and occupied the rest and declared himself as King. Many Rakshas became his followers and joined his army. He hated Yadavas. He defeated them and occupied their country.

Kamsa killed six sons of Devaki. Adisesha took the human form as the seventh child in Devaki’s womb. Sri Maha Vishnu ordered Yoga Maya to go and extract the fetus from the womb of Devaki and place it in the womb of Rohini another wife of Vasudeva. Rohini, fearing Kamsa, took shelter at Nanda Gopa in Repalle or Gokula. Lord Vishnu would take the form of the eighth child of Devaki . Yoga Maya is to enter the womb of Yasoda, wife of Nanda Gopal as a girl chjild. “For this act of yours, people would praise you and worship you as another Divine form of Mother” he promised Yoga Maya. Yoga Maya surreptitiously removed the fetus from the womb of Devaki and and placed it in the womb of Rohini. People thought that Devaki had a miscarriage.

After a few months Rohini gave birth to a son. As he was born by being removed from one womb to the other he was called Sankarshana. He was also strong and spread happiness to all. Hence he was also called Balarama.

Sri Maha Vishnu entered into Vasudeva and through him entered Devakidevi. Devaki was pregnant. Since the Lord was in her womb she was radiant with a new unearthly glow that shone from her.

Looking at her glowing face and lustrous body, Kamsa realized that Vishnu has taken the form of the baby of Devaki. He was agitated and was constantly thinking of the Lord. He was also waiting for the birth of this child.

Brahma, Parameswara, Narada and other saints and devatas stood at the door of the prison of Devaki awaiting the arrival of the Lord with folded palms. They praised the unborn child of Devaki as Purushottama and said,” All teh five elements are in You. When the entire Creation submerges in flood during Pralaya You alone remain. You are the Embodiment of Knowledge. You are Omnipotent. You are the Truth.You take many human bodies in as many forms as required to save the earth. You destroy Evil and Save Good. You are above all Gunas. You are worshipped by all. You have donned many avataras like Matsya, Kurma,Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Hayagreeva, Parasurama, Ramachandra and took care of the world. Please accept our Pranams. Please deliver us from the Evil of Kamsa.:

They looked at Devaki and said,” Mother! You bore the Lord Himself. Tomorrow he would be born. He is going to be the Saviour of all. Do not fear Kamsa. From today the entire world and all its people would be safeguarded by your child. The entire clan of Yadavas are overjoyed .” With these words they blessed her and left.