A fortnight and a few days to go

The last procedure PR for AstroLib.jl is now open. With that, my main objective for Google Summer of Code is completed (technically it still has to be merged but oh well).

Perfect time to update my Github Profile

To be honest I did get a bit teary-eyed after making the PR. Working with Julia and AstroLib.jl for the past two months has been a really happy time for me. But the journey is in no way over yet. There’s still much to be done.

Besides taking a one week long vacation to complete my internship’s final reports, packing up and for traveling back to home (and to good food), I’ve worked on implementing a new testing macro @inferred in the AstroLib.jl’s tests, with a very appropriate PR name. This revealed a few hidden type-stability problems in a few functions.

On the other side, progress has been made on setting up Documenter for FITSIO.jl. After many failed attempts to check whether the docs were building properly, I used Julia’s in-built package manager.

A shell inside a REPL inside a shell. Lovely.

Essentially, it’s like having a shell inside your Julia interactive session. A pretty nifty infrastructure for developing packages (Don’t know why I didn’t use it before, it’s really convenient)

The second evaluation has been cleared and there’s just the final one to go. Additionally, I’m going back to my university now that my vacations (a short 15 day vacation technically) are over. Let’s see how much can be done in these last 20 days.

Footnote : GSoC Progress #4
No of procedures translated — 15.5/16 (
#36 , #39, #41)
Here are a few more PRs! — 
#40, #71, #77
Project prognosis till now — Main mission completed. Time for bonus missions!

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