And so the curtain falls on this GSoC journey

Kumar Prasun
Aug 27, 2017 · 3 min read

It’s been quite an adventure.

Somewhere between the initial stumble with my first PR in the coding period and completing all the todo’s on my Google Summer of Code proposal, I became a decent coder (hopefully?).

Current Project Status ;-)

With almost 4000 lines of code (more if you include my work in FITSIO.jl), a lot of all-nighters and countless re-reads of the Julia documentation (pretty sure I can recite it by heart right now) later, the GSoC journey is now at an end.

I would like to thank Mosè Giordano and Kyle Barbary, my ever-helpful mentors for all the time they gave to me. I already miss the slightly-awkward (but fun!) Google Hangout sessions we had, where the conversation drifted from progress reports to topics like how Celeste.jl exceeded 1 petaflop per second performance.

Of course, I can’t forget the handy reminder mails from the org-admin David PS, the fun discussions with my fellow student developers and the very cheery OpenAstronomy community. All of which served to make my time with the organisation completely worthwhile.

Coming to the work, I could work very little on FITSIO.jl in the last few days. Mostly due to unexpectedly heavy workload I got at the start of the new college semester.

Besides that minor blip on the record though, all other objectives which I had stated in my proposal are done and dusted.

Note — There were some procedures stated in the main objective of the proposal that weren’t translated because they required external dependencies, which was deemed undesirable for AstroLib.jl

You can go through my GSoC progress report via the blog posts I’ve made :-

For a complete list of the pull requests, issues and whatnot created during the coding period check out the code summary.

I want to conclude this by saying that Google Summer of Code really expanded my horizons. It has already opened several doors to opportunities which I had only hoped of till now. Additionally, it has helped me break a glass ceiling that I always felt I had regarding the level of my coding skill.

If you are a GSoC aspirant or even just a random college coder who has no idea of the initiative and just stumbled on this post, I’d say that take a deep breath and go for it!
Find an organisation that interests you, get good mentors and start coding. Take it from me, there’s very few things worthy of the time in your life as this.

No GSoC post of mine should end without a GSoC progress status. This time that status simply says-


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