An appeal to Arvind Kejriwal from a common man

Dear Arvind (This is the corporate first-name culture rubbing off. Pardon me if it’s inappropriate),

Trust you’re doing well. Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Prateek and I currently work in a start up based out of Bangalore. Prior to that I was working in Flipkart and I completed my Btech from IIT Guwahati before that.

I’ve been an ardent admirer of you, mostly anyway. I saw a ray of hope in you and I guess so did the million other youngsters out there like myself. I believe you have a knack of getting things done which is quite evident from the numerous projects you have got completed in lesser budgets than allocated thus saving taxpayers money. I am fairly impressed with what you’re doing for education in Delhi. And I also believed quite a lot in your landmark odd-even experiment.

But what I don’t quite appreciate about you is your constant presence in the news/twitter taking jibes at other politicians. All these things don’t suit you Sir. To a personality like you. It seems from the outside that all you want is media attention. And then things don’t add up. I start to doubt if you’re the same person I admire so much. Bottomline is that you don’t need to do all this. You have a lot of character and substance anyway. These stunts are usually pulled off by people who lack these characteristics.

There have been numerous scandals/controversies/accusations on you which we have heard/seen in last few years. Some call you a CIA agent, some are unhappy with the way you dealt with the whole Anna situation, some call you power-hungry as well. Notwithstanding any of those, I don’t care if any of these are true or not. But what I do care about is when you, with all due respect, make a complete fool of yourself sometimes by saying random things in public. It hurts me when people troll you. I don’t know why you like to keep throwing these shockers once in a while.

Narendra Modi could be from the opposite party as yours but what you should also remember is that he is the leader of the nation. Every Indian needs to respect him, including you Sir. I am not a big fan of him neither am I affiliated to BJP in any way. But he is my PM. And that’s the only way I look at him. Sir, the thing is, it looks like a rant, a crusade against PM Modi from your end. And ends up putting you in a wrong light.

All I know is that you are doing a wonderful job with Delhi IMO. Please don’t spoil the good work by constantly being in crosshairs with other parties. I don’t understand politics like you do but from where I am seeing things, it makes sense for you to quietly do things for a while. I’m sure you’ll continue to raise your voice on the most critical national issues but please try to ignore, if you can, some of the trivial things which don’t even deserve your time and attention.

No national party was built in a day Sir. People have had to prove themselves with effective governance before they could even stake their claim to the national leadership. PM Modi did it with Gujarat. Manohar Parrikar did it with Goa. I think you can do a much better job than these two should you focus more on governance rather than propaganda.

I’d like to see you leading our country one day but for that you Sir, like the rest of us “aam aadmis”, will have to prove yourself to the general public. It’s a sincere request from someone who believes in you.

Best wishes

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