A Take On “Rich Getting Richer And Poor Getting Poorer”

This is going to be an elaboration of what I’ve observed regarding companies and capitalism on a whole. As much as I love computers and technology, I absolutely hate people spreading the whole software boom out and making it the sole weapon of transforming society as a whole.

Capitalism on a whole is all a play of money, back and forth between the middle class and the rich. Most popular firms today are all about either pandering to the problems of the middle class (who have the money to increase the ‘profits’ section in that spreadsheet) or other businesses (software/consultancies for banks, startups, industries etc.). The softwares that they make help ease only the businesses’ lives or the middle classes’.

”Oh you poor soul wanting to travel the world, let me make it easier for you by making it much easier to get rooms now”.

Not that it’s bad or anything, but the purpose it solves, well, only benefits one section of the society. The society that already has it so much better that they can live without it, but they have the money the businesses want so…

And with the whole boom in software and people trying to start cool, hip businesses left and right, we have forgotten somewhere about the basic problems in the world.

I’m from India, and there are people who can’t even afford food for a whole day, and it astonishes me how casually we take the simplest things for granted. Obesity and fat bellies still being a huge problem in the middle class, shouldn’t proper agriculture and food technology be more of a priority than software?

The biggest problem regarding the third world countries is the infrastructure. You have people coming in from other countries, tagging themselves up with NGOs and thinking they’re doing god’s work by playing some guitar for the kids and the whole feel-good bullshit, after which the kids go back to their lives feeling miserable about the whole ordeal that is a poor life. Why not teach the grown men how to build up their own homes from scratch? There is so much DIY construction that is popular amongst us, why not give the skill to them? Why not make Civil/Mechanical Engineering more prior than Software Engineering, which is more of a high-level Engineering for that matter and actually REQUIRES that you have the basic aspects of life fulfilled before you can enjoy the comfort that software offers?

And then add to that the pseudo-intellectuals in the upper-middle class trying to protest against things the poor don’t give two shits about. Recently, there was the whole ‘Net Neutrality’ thing that happened recently. Not being an expert on the subject, it could turn out to be a great boon too for the poor. And regarding the whole ‘privacy issues’ that the so-called ‘tech-geniuses’ would face, no one gives a shit about the stack of pornography hiding in the deep corners of your laptop.

The whole mentality of conspiracy theories fueled by the whole ‘1984’ crowd thinking the Government is out there to get you; it is holding so many good things that the Government and the businesses are actually trying to do. The amount of emotional trauma a policeman gets to face in a day is more than you will probably face in your whole life, so kindly appreciate the fact that the government, unlike the ones before, actually allows you to speak against it and give them a hand as well in helping the world become a better place. But no…

The solipsistic mentality of the middle class is the biggest culprit here. Let’s be honest here, we all are selfish, and the voice of the poor gets supressed when we speak for what we ‘feel’ should be right. Add to that the whole ‘It’s my right to…’ a.k.a. the entitlement mentality. Marketers target that same entitlement even more fueling the insecurities of people, making them even more insecure about their lives and feel like they’re ‘missing out’ on a lot of things. You have medium-scaled businesses targeting that same demographic, cue the whole consumerist mindset and people shouting to the loudest of their voices how the pressure on these businesses to make the products more appealing to them is adding to the inflation and financial problems and is making their lives miserable by not letting them living the life promised by those lovely movies: sipping wine on a beach on a lovely couch.

I’m not blaming anyone here, everybody is doing what they’re meant to be doing. It’s all a vicious cycle, and maybe it’s time that businesses start catering more to actually building worthwhile stuff instead of wasting money on making yet another application that someone somewhere will try to put up in their phone for the sole purpose of ‘looking cool’. Most businesses cater to the needs of the middle class, mostly revolving around more comfort/more ease in living their lives. Can we please pause for a moment and think of others too?