Marketing Data Warehouse is a critical component for enterprises to drive forward their marketing analytics initiatives. These initiatives range from understanding the ROI on their advertising spend to fully understanding their customers’ journey for more advanced machine learning use cases such as Lifetime Value prediction, Churn prediction etc. …

SQL Server is one of the most popular and common relational databases systems used by enterprises for their wide ranging data storage, analysis and reporting needs. However data residing in SQL Server needs to be moved, copied and integrated with other data sources (sometimes residing in other databases that can be on either on-prem or Cloud) to connect siloed data sources together and drive faster path to insights. CDAP makes it extremely easy to copy or move data from SQL Server into other databases or systems.

In this article, we will show you how quickly and easily you can copy your SQL server data to a Cloud Data Warehouse product (BigQuery in this case). Using the same SQL Server source, you can also copy it into other cloud or on-prem sinks. …


Prateek Duble

Prateek is a Data Analytics specialist with Google Cloud, who is passionate about making customers successful with Cloud Data Analytics products

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