Body to body massage — Naked or not

There are various benefits of the massage therapy. However, there are certain massage modalities that have special benefits. For instance, if you are going for full body to body massage Chandigarh you will notice that it gives you a different kind of satisfaction and relaxation. But, at the same time, before getting the massage, you must have wondered whether to be completely naked or not. This is one question many people have been asking for a long time now. Here are some of the important things to consider before making a decision.

Does your region allow it?

There are some countries (or certain places within a country) where it is not allowed to get fully nude during the massage therapy. If you are living in one such region or country then you should not take all your clothes off. The same applies to the therapist. The therapist must also not take their clothes off if it is not allowed by the law of the land.

Your personal comfort level

The other thing that determines if you should take your clothes off or not is your personal comfort level. Let’s say you are living in the region where it is allowed to be completely naked while lying on the massage table. However, you as an individual are not completely comfortable with the concept or are too shy to do it. In that case, you may ask the therapist to give you the body to body massage with enough clothes on to keep you from getting uncomfortable. If you are too uncomfortable in less or no clothes you will not be able to enjoy the session.

Comfort level of the therapist

Even if you are allowed to take off the clothes and you are completely comfortable with it you should consult the therapist if he or she is fine or not. If the therapist is uncomfortable throughout the session while you are nude you will not be able to enjoy it. In that case you can wear some clothes. However, if you are looking for a completely nude massage you can ask for another therapist.

Nude and covered

If you think nude massage will be good for you but you don’t want your privates to be seen, you can get undressed and cover yourself with the loin sheet. This way you will get the full benefits and at the same time you will remain comfortable.

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