Content Marketing — Core of Any Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing has become the core of any marketing strategy, be it for a small or large company. We could spend hours and hours in thinking about a topic which would possibly interest our audience at a large scale, accompanying every possible aspect which can make our content more appealing including template, images, info-graphics etc.

And once the job is done is exactly when the job starts!

Promotion? How?

Big giants LinkedIn and BrightTalk researched more than 500 business to business marketing professionals and found out that the best way to promote their content as through social media.

This came out to be more logical as it doesn’t need any budget or a very low budget, but as we go deep inside it becomes more complex because social media engagements demands a variety of content including image design, image size and ratios that exist between different social media channels.

The concerning part is that 45% of all the professionals still considers Organic search when they plan to promote their content. With a beginner knowledge of SEO you can generate a significant visibility/traffic for your content and also the SEO has the potential to keep your content attracting to readers for months if not years, whereas the lifespan of a content on social media is a couple of days at the most.