Some simple UX mistakes

We’re all focused on providing the best user experience to solve a user’s problem, it becomes easy to overlook small details that make the difference. Whether you are designing for the web or for the mobile, here are some of the most common UX mistakes you can make that can give your users hard time.

  1. Designing for Yourself: Don’t make what you like. Always put yourself in the user’s shoes at every stage of the design process. User research, A/B testing, Test on as many real-world devices as possible. Make things simple for user.
  2. Many Things, More Confusion: Make sure users can find what they’re looking for within seconds on your site. Not every visitor to your site will be looking for the same thing, but by analysing user stats you can quickly identify what your users are looking for on your website.
  3. Lengthy Forms: User just wanted to download your brochure, but before that don’t make him fill his name, last name, phone number, email, company name, location etc etc. Know your user is good but lengthy online forms will scare many of them away and damage your conversion rate.
  4. New Fonts: Typography is important for your users. Trying new fonts might be exciting but find out if your real users are happy with the it on all major devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and especially mobiles.
  5. More Text: Write for your end users and not to improve your SEO. Try to make content more readable by bullets, letter-spacing, font usage so user enjoy reading. Don’t make him scratch his head by using overcomplicated language.
  6. Bad Site Performance: Don’t ignore site speed or error reports. Make sure your site loads fast and if something is broken need to be made priority, as till now this is something that is largely ignored.
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