Why you need to build Personas?

Alan Cooper first introduced the concept of user personas in 1999 to help inform design strategy. Persona is an actual & realistic representations of your users and is built at an early stages of product development or product redesign. They do not resemble a real person but helps us remember a particular set of goals, motivations, contexts, needs and behaviors that were observed in a user during research. This helps us to design for our users and not us.

Why personas?

Below are few points to explain why.

  1. It helps in design decisions by taking common user needs and bringing them to the forefront of planning before design has actually started.
  2. It helps doing task analysis and creating scenarios that help prioritize the need and features which results in a development of a product which is focused on user needs and goals.
  3. It helps creating more empathy and understanding about the person using the product.
  4. It also helps everyone to share a consistent understanding of the user group when and consider them while working towards a solution.

What you need for Persona?

Here is a template for persona that I use. Feel free to use it to develop one of your own.

How you build a persona?

  1. User interviews — talk to people who are using similar product as yours, look for similarities or patterns.
  2. Talk to your stakeholders to understand customer base They might also connect you with some.
  3. Survey or talk to your sales team about customers.

Hope this will help you in creating one for your own.

Just a thought: While writing this, I was just wondering that personas are the users we keep in mind while designing products. So, is there a term for people we don’t want to use our products like — negative persona. Just wondering !!