My Airtel Migration Experience (Hint: Terrible)

I raised a request to migrate my Airtel number from prepaid to postpaid towards the end of July and to make things easy requested for a document pickup from my home. That has been my biggest mistake. On 30th July, a person came for collecting the documents and took the activation fee (250 Rs.) from me and gave me a receipt for the same. Since then I only got a call from a verification agent who did not care to come to my place to verify at all. I have been following up with Airtel customer care for the past two days and it has been a nightmare. Let me tell you the kind of responses I have received so far:

  1. Call 400. That is for postpaid numbers. I explained to them that my number is still a prepaid number but they just don’t get it. Anyways, tried calling 400 and turns out it is the helpline for Airtel Payments bank and requires a MPIN to proceed. I don’t even have an Airtel Payments bank account, how the heck am I to proceed. I was advised to do this by 2 customer care agents.
  2. My call was transferred to the postpaid department for queries and I reexplain my problem, I am told my number is still prepaid and so I should be talking to the prepaid department. Call gets transferred one more time. On telling the prepaid guys my issue, they end up telling me since I want to port it to postpaid I should be calling them up instead. Wow. I have never seen such clarity. *slow clap*. I lose it and tell them I don’t give a fuck (of course in nicer words) if it has to be transferred to postpaid or prepaid, I am a customer and I want my issue resolved wherever you get it done from. I am reassured a request has been raised and told to wait for a SMS confirmation. No SMS arrives.
  3. I tweet them the issue, I am told my address verification was rejected (and that is when no verification agents ever came to my place). I am told to visit my nearest Airtel store. I talk to the guy who operates my nearest Airtel store, he ends up telling me the request was raised by somebody else so I would have to raise a new request and pay the activation fees again. I know “Airtel” is an anagram of “Retail” but you don’t have to be so money minded. Technically I can pay it, it’s a small sum but why should I. I tell him I already have the old request slip and everything but he does not agree.
  4. I call up the customer care again telling them this issue explaining it in it’s entirety. And then the lady on the other end asks me “Issue kya hai par aapka ?”. Almost lost my patience there, anyways and asked her to redirect my call to someone else. Call is redirected to the postpaid department, I explain my issue again and this guy tells me I may have to go the address mentioned on my slip to submit my request again. The address mentioned is in Gurgaon and I stay in Hauz Khas. That defeats the whole purpose of document pickup from home, I might as well have gone to the Airtel store near me to submit the documents myself.

I hear that “Sabhi app now on My Airtel app” and I would probably knock the person out who said that. India ka best network can’t resolve which internal department is supposed to solve the customer’s query, oh the irony. Just to clarify, the problem isn’t resolved yet.

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