Let’s practice gratitude more often !

New year is around the corner . Its that time of the year that we make new resolutions and try to break the old habits. As the old year comes to an end and the new year unfolds, we feel renewed with new promises.

Well as I am writing this , there is a noise of loud music coming from my neighbor’s house , my mother is sitting in the adjacent room speaking to her mother on phone , my phone is constantly pinging from Whatsapp and Facebook notifications of happy new year messages .

But wait, why am I telling you all this ?!…………. Because I want you stop for a moment and realize what is happening around you as you are reading this . As the year comes to an end , I want you to remember your great days of the year and also the not so good days of this year. I want you to revisit the moments and most importantly remember the best people who were around you in those times. The people who were by your side in the up’s and downs of your life . The people who were their to share your joy and multiply your happiness. The people who were their backing you no matter what !and acknowledge that -What if they were not by your side in those days ? Acknowledge the importance of their roles in you life .

Well when was the last time that you made them realize that you care for them?!..That how glad you are to see them by your side . As the year comes to an end , and we are hoping to bring some big changes in our life in the hope that our life becomes better in all measures . But let’s just forget the big changes that we wish to bring ,…. Let’s start with the small one’s first ,

Lets start practicing Gratitude more often ! Let’s say thank you more often ! And start our new year by thanking all the people who’ve made a contribution (big or small) in our life in some way or the other . Let’s give the importance they deserve more often .

Let’s make our personal heroes feel important! So that maybe we can start this year by bringing a smile on someone’s face and just Maybe we can make this world a happier place to live for all of us !

Thank You !