What are the greatest truths about Computer Science?


So I present to you 3 axioms of “Computer Programming

First Law

  • The more you try to fix a code the more bugs you’re gonna face.

Second Law

  • Without understanding any code snippet, never try to apply it anywhere.

Third Law

  • You can not adapt to programming concepts to the fullest (100%), no matter how much time you devote towards programming.

And all these 3 laws are some how interconnected, just like Newton’s 3 laws.

Having said this, I believe Programming is self-taught and you need to stick till the last end and not let go of it.

And the end of the Day “When you solve a bug, after daunting weeks you feel that Power within yourself ”.

Logic is Power and Power is logic!!!!

“A Quote from Turing himself”

So keep coding and never let go.

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