The Highest Earning Instructor at Skillfeed.

Before you start reading about me , take a deep breath, be calm and read this loudly :-

No matter how bad your situation is, however busy you are, you can always start over and change yourself.

I Live in Ghaziabad, India and work for one of the biggest consulting company as Salesforce Consultant.

I hate motivators and am a self motivated person. I hate people who give too much advice without themselves having knowledge of the subject. Our country consists of some very intelligent people who are foolish enough to give advice to the great legend Sachin Tendulkar on how to play Cricket. Just can’t stop laughing.

So here I am an Online Education Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert and passionate about the whole online video thing. I have always wanted to help others and desire to make this world a better place for generations to come. I care about environment and love travelling to unknown places, currently trying my hand at learning the features of recently bought Nikon DSLR.

2 Years back I read about some articles about people leveraging youtube to share their expertise with the world and simultaneously earning sufficient to make a living out of it. I was mesmerized with the idea and jealous too about what a great life these people are living, working on their passion. Having been good at internet since childhood it didn’t took me much time to research and learn about the whole process.

I truly hope my experience will bring some value to your life, that it will help you to realize that you are not really helpless as long as you breathe.

I started with youtube 2 years ago and my channel now has more then 1 lac views, without any promotion or marketing it was just the good content. The appreciation calls, mails and comments received from all over world even from Ceo’s of some good companies was simply awesome.

Then I came to know about skillfeed an e learning website based on monthly subscription model for learners. I liked their punch line :- “We’ve curated the best online classes and videos in the world, so you don’t have to. ” and access to everything costs less then the price of a small book. But being on skillfeed was not easy as they had a tough quality review process before someone can have a published course on their website. This was the toughest part for me , as I know my topics well, I have a passion to teach but to present them in prerecorded videos with good A/V quality was challenging.

This was the next learning phase where I had to identify the technical setup for recording videos, I have still not created a talking head video but will soon be having one. After reading a lot about various softwares and downloading and using Trial version of several I zeroed in on Camtasia and there have been no looking back since then.

Within 2–3 months I became the highest earning Instructor at Skillfeed and was interviewed by their esteemed panel about my strategy and way of working. You can read the whole interview here , which has been now shifted to their blog.

Here is the link to my Skillfeed page:-

Till this time my main focus has been on course content and camtasia was used as a simple screen recording software :- Start , Stop and Save. However I have been always learning and improving myself on day to day basis. I have created some of my courses twice and even thrice as I knew this was the time for hard work and I might not have the same motivation always. I was new to the Industry , very excited and energetic.

Then Udemy came in my life , I submitted some of my courses there , which were rejected for Audio Video Quality. This was the time to learn more about and Master Camtasia. I didn’t got disheartened and took it as an opportunity to improve myself.

I recreated the whole course and bang it was approved in one go and there was no looking back. Its have been 9 months on Udemy and I have managed to cross $20000 mark long back. I have a day job and like every common man face personal life challenges too, so every day is not same. I have gone through some very tough times in my personal life in past couple of months , lost a lot but gained too on character front. It has helped me evolve as a better person.

Here is the link to my Udemy page:-

Currently, I’m a top Digital Marketing consultant , teaching people how to emulate my successes on Udemy and Skillfeed.

I am also working on having my own educational website , which I will announce soon and also 2 new comprehensive courses are under development.