Best Shayari that I have heard :

Whenever I SMELL shayari my ears are like yeah start , fill me up . I have heard a lot of them and am always eager to discover more. From the great Mirza Ghalib to Faiz Ahmed Faiz to Jaun Eliya to Piyush Mishra to Faraz Ahmed to Munir Niyazi you name it ,I have heard them all .And I believe some non-famous people too have written awesome shayaris which pushes me to try a hand at it too .

I have heard a shayari of Jaun Eliya which I really like.

It goes like this:

“ Shayad mujhe kabhi kisi se mohobbat nahi hui,

magar yakeen sabko dilata raha hu main..”

I mean waaoo.. How in the world can anyone think something like this .Its like on the face of all the romantic poets and shayars. It has got everything from honesty to truth to acceptance to diplomacy which is the major content in his shayaris . I would say this is also a bit controversial , haha .. I mean think about the exes, what will they feel if they hear it from you.. lol. He is starting with diplomacy saying “shayad” (Maybe) where he puts himself on safe side and then tells He was never in love .. combining it comes as ”maybe I was never in love” and having said this he now drops the bomb “magar yakeen sabko dilata raha hu main”(but surely I did assure everyone I was ).. This is just beautiful the way he accepts which makes us to question ourselves. Was our ended love story the same ? And if you have no clue I would help you saying yeah definitely, they are all the same. They are all attachments and wants to have some emotional support.

In a way this quote comes so strong showing how we misunderstand our wants and desires which are bad to something which is divine . So people don’t just fool around in making people believe what you are not and try to be the one for someone who is looking for you.

This is called shayari .. where we can boast about the stuff and can also learn some great lessons .

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