Build a Chrome extension, quickly and easily

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This tutorial will help you to build the mental model you need to create a Chrome extension. I’ll be covering the core concepts as we walk through building an extension.

We’ll be building, from scratch, a Chrome extension that lets you replace any piece of text in a Medium article. This is what the final result will look like:

You don’t really know you need them until you use them

In this article, we are going to learn to use hooks in React applications by building a Todo MVC application.

I will be sharing a Codesandbox link after every step with the full code until that point so that you can play with it yourself and see how things work in real-time.

This article assumes that you know the basics of ReactJS and ES6 syntax. If not then I have listed some resources in the requirements section to get you up to speed.


If you want to jump straight to the code, then here is the GitHub repository with the…

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If you are a student and are still confused that you should take up a particular remote role or not or want some tips regarding working remotely efficiently, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to discuss the pros and cons, the dos and don’ts I have learned working remotely as a student.

As of my background, I am a senior year engineering student and I am currently working remotely as a Front end engineering intern at Devfolio and have previously worked remotely on one another freelancing project, that didn’t go too well.

The Routine


It was around the last week of September when one of my friends told me about this fantastic hackathon, at first I thought I haven’t heard about it before, but then he told me to take a look at the website and the past sponsors of this hackathon -

If you are even a little bit into the mobile app development world then chances are you might be well aware of this hottest app framework in the market by facebook, React Native. And this framework is well known for its native performance with awesome animations.

Now if you are willing to learn animations in react native I assume that you have at least prior some knowledge of the framework, if not then you can go here learn the basics create an app or two and then come back.

In this post I will show you how you can implement…

In this post I will discuss how I created my first react native npm package and how can anyone build their own package. The package I created is react-native-infinite-looping-scroll.


The problem was that I wanted a component in which I can pass a limited data and the render function of each item and it produces an infinite scrolling sensation in both directions by repeating the same data again and again.

So I searched a lot for this component and couldn’t find any, hence I decided to create one from scratch and published it on npm so that others who required…

I hope you might have heard about this new lineup in the Motorola G series. If you are thinking that this phone is worth buying or is it meant for then you are at the right place because in this post I am going to discuss some pros and cons of this device, and for what kind of person is really meant for.

Is it the best phone for this price range?

Well, if you are looking for phone with best performance, or best cameras for this price then I would suggest you to go with Redmi Note 5 Pro, Huawei honor 9 lite or any other Oppo/Vivo BS.

So you are starting to think about contributing to open source, but you don’t know where to start, well you are at right place. In this post, I will discuss the benefits of contributing to open source and how I started as a beginner and made my first contribution.

So why should you contribute to open source?

I know that’s why you’re but still, if you have your doubts, like why should you waste your valuable time for writing code for someone else and that too for free? Well there are many reasons you should, no matter what is your goal, here are some of them.

  • Whether it’s…

In this post I will tell you how you can what are graphs, what is the best method to implement them in python, their application and few other algorithms.

So what are graphs anyways..?

A graph is a pictorial representation of a set of objects where some pairs of objects are connected by links. The interconnected objects are represented by points termed as vertices, and the links that connect the vertices are called edges.

Source: Google

A simple undirected graph

From the above definition it is clear that graphs are a set of vertices that are connected using edges and can be directed or undirected.

So what are the…

This is an actual gameplay screenshot

This post will guide on how you can create your own Online multiplayer tic tac toe with leaderboards web app.

TLDR; all the code is available here on GitHub and the live app is available here (You will need at least two users logged in to play).

Built using

  1. HTML/CSS (Bootstrap) and Javascript
  2. AngularJS
  3. And Firebase for social authentication, RealTime database and hosting.

I created the app in three different parts and consequently three different controllers and html files, namely login, leaderboard and game.

The Login Page

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