Tied, like a dog to a tree
Waiting for a volcano to erupt
And the masters it loyally respects
Flee for life, while it’s tied forever
Lying beneath the thick rocky layer
For never to be found again.
Tied to thoughts,
Tied to lies,
Tied to liars
To enemies, which one rarely has
To friends, in abundance
To relations of blood or not,
To an umbilical cord,
To what’s on your mind
And what you forgot.
Bound by society’s unwritten contracts,
By a structure developed
Around the qualities of the civilized mind
Tested and evolved over time.
No one is born free,
Either accept, or run away,
Try breaking out of the prison,
Make a plan, make a dash
For the planned gonna-be gate crash.
Eventually be caught again,
Be tied and bound again,
With the glimmer of hope dimming
Coming to terms with something which doesn’t feel right
Like a pinch from within,
Momentary enough to not be noticed
Still unconsciously worrying forever.
Do you think too much?
Do you think right?
Are you submissive? Would you fight?

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