Are you afraid of GERMS?

It’s not surprising that most people are, thanks to the influence of Germ Theory that proposes that microorganisms are the overriding cause of many diseases. This theory makes the assumption that germs infect our body and cause sickness and disease. The practice of allopathic, conventional medicine to this day is still based on this theory.

While Pasteur & Koch became famous through the Germ Theory, less is known of their contemporaries who refuted Germ Theory. Rudolf Virchow, a 19th-century scientist (dubbed the Father of Pathology), wrote, “If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat — diseased tissue — rather than being the cause of diseased tissue”.

We have been taught that germs — bacteria and viruses — are bad, ignores the vital functions they perform. We are able to set curd and bake bread because of naturally occurring bacteria. On the other hand, the abuse of antibiotics and disinfectants to destroy bacteria has led to the monster of highly drug resistant infections.

Are you still going to be scared of Germs? Or use them for their beneficial effects ?