How Twitter is stealing like an artist.

Prathamesh Agrawal
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Instagram Story Saga

Most of us are familiar with the story of how Instagram copied Snapchat stories and introduced it as its feature in their app today it’s a super hit. It’s not only a great feature but also one of the revenue drivers for Meta (previously Facebook). And the same thing is done for Instagram reels where they copied TikTok and introduced it as Instagram Reels. And following them, Youtube has also introduced Youtube Shorts.

How Twitter followed an Instagram way.

Similar to how Instagram introduced Instagram Stories after Snapchat Stories, Twitter has also tried to introduce Twitter Fleets in November 2020 which is almost similar to the stories feature, but unfortunately, they decide to discontinue the Fleets within 1 year of launch and they announce that they are removing the Fleets and working on some new stuff.

Twitter announces removal of Fleets Feature

Twitter’s “New Stuff”!

And after more than a year we can see much new stuff on Twitter like Twitter Spaces, Downvote System, Twitter Communities, and Twitter Circle. But we should look closely and ask that is it all really “new stuff”. Well, Twitter is new but originally we can trace its ideas from various social media apps. Let’s look at how Twitter is “stealing” like an artist.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter spaces are a feature that allows users to create a room in which users can talk and have discussions on various topics. And most of us know that Twitter is famous for political discussion. And having live audio debates and discussion helps users in communicating their opinion more clearly.

But Twitter didn’t get this idea directly it’s a proper adaptation of a popular app called Clubhouse. Which also allows users to communicate through live audio.

Downvote System

The Downvote system allows users to vote against the user’s comment or reply so that reply and comment don’t appear on top of replies and comments. Twitter has introduced the same system recently but it’s also not Twitter’s original idea, the downvote system is popular and it’s been used on Reddit for a long time.

Twitter Communities

Twitter communities are a feature that allows Twitter users to create groups related to different topics and with this user can tweet it will only be visible to the whole community, but even though this is also not Twitter’s original idea, the idea of communities is always present at the core of Reddit and its called Subreddits. And Twitter has done a similar thing.

Twitter Circles

Recently Twitter has introduced Twitter Circle in which users need to add their followers into their circles and now they can tweet and post things that will only be visible to that circle. But this thing traces us back to Instagram. Many users want to post things that they want to show to a particular set of people and this same thing has led to the creation of a private account and also famously known as an alt account (alternative account). And for tackling this thing Instagram has introduced close friend stories and a similar thing is done by Twitter through Twitter Circle.

And that’s how Twitter is stealing like an artist and enhancing its product. Also, you can check my article on how Twitter is a creation of controversies.



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