We all always have morethan what we deserve but still we wanted something which is more far from us. It’s a desire of wanting something give us a power for battle which we never had. We start leading towards our goal with unaware of hurdles we have to face, pain which we never seen but if we win over it then and then only we can achieve and move forward. Its not just desire which leads to achieve goals it requires constant patience, commitment, descipline which are the ingredients for achieving path. When climber starts climbing on a mountain he never aware about his further steps but he always have to plan for next step before going further because if he fails with plan then there is surety of falling. His plan always needs to be perfect and he should be aware of where to take risk and where to drawback himself and move to another route. His constant effort towards his goal lead him to win. Effort is the most essential attribute without which desire is a dream which will never be true. If you want something go for it rather staying back and thinking about it will not make a differnce to life. It will only ruin your today and future. Don’t always be pessimistic about a goal. Goals should be bigger but it should be divided into small ones as drop creates sea and bricks create wall same way small goals create base for your higher ones. Fight fight till you get it. Don’t stop and give up. Because giving up is not an option its a choice.

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