Instant Gratification

22 years and counting. Few things change, few remain. Have come a long way though. Phew!!

Its not my birthday, neither am I celebrating. But just pondering back at my life while I reconcile with the fact that there is still immense scope for improvement. Well, what I learned stays with me, but that is not what all I want to take along.

What do I need to do this very moment is the question I need to ask myself. Passing the life is what everybody does, but living it on your own dare is what makes it a true living. Having said that it creates a rather strange turmoil in my head to search for the next thing, my own thing.

I wonder what it is and how the heck am I suppose to find out. Well, its not going to be that straight but it will surely come to me I know for certain and whatever it is I know I am going to give my all in to make it come to life. No delaying gratifications thereafter.

This I have learned recently, “Life of all is the least certain thing that can happen to us, making the most out of it is the only way out.”

“Today”, it is a sign that I am still there and I haven’t done what all I need to be doing. “I want to make a dent in the universe” as Steve Jobs would say and break it and mould it according to my will and wish, I iterate.

I know it wont happen overnight, but I am not leaving until it is done - I make this promise to myself. We are here for a reason, lucky are those who find it soon enough and act on their impetus. For whatever reason I feel excessively motivated by the exuberance of such people and the change they have brought about in the world and our lives and how time has acknowledged them for their doings.

A little spotlight of fame, a little space for recognition is not what I am looking for; I rather aspire to create, to innovate, to make what is going to be there for a long while or for whatever while it is there, it enhances and positively touches the lives of many other.

Happiness is contagious they say, so are the energies revolving around us. And these very same energies will endure me in my endeavour. Call it faith or belief, I know I am going to pursue this instant gratification and not call it a day until a change is made.

Pray as if God is going to take care of everything, act as if it is all up to you.
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