Activities planned For Lingapuram

Welcome to “For Lingapuram” blog. In our first meeting, we tried to find out current issues of our village. I have arranged them by severity and feasibility. There would be more issues as time progresses, and as our youth group evolves. We are trying to open a bank account for the group.

1. Light bulbs on streets and at filter water

There are no light bulbs on streets and at filter water tank. It seems the light bulbs are not of good quality and they need to be replaced often.

Action Points:

  1. Suresh to talk to electrician and identify the number of poles that need street lights
  2. Arrange some good quality street bulbs

2. Planting trees on the sides of Jutur and Ramapuram roads

There are no trees on most of our connecting roads. They look dry and unpleasant. Let’s go green!

Action Points:

  1. Consult forest department/any govt. nursery if they can provide us trees for the roads
  2. Follow up with them and make sure we get them

3. Kaayalakallu problem

There is no “Kaayalakallu” system right now in our village. Because of this, there is so much loss to farmers, as there is no one stopping buffaloes going into farms.

Action Points:

  1. Discuss with the previous “Pedda manushulu” on problems of employing Kaayalakallu
  2. Sponser for, and manage Kayalakallu

4. School Problems

There are so many problem in our high school. There are no proper toilets, drinking water, etc.

Action Points:

  1. Sudhakar and Kumar to discuss with head master to know about problems students are facing.
  2. Solve the problems one by one.
  3. Distribute note books, if possible.
  4. Visit school for August 15 event and provide direction for students.

5. Public news paper

Currently, there is no way for people to gather and gain knowledge at Dharaga. Let’s build a small shelter at Suresh’s kottam and sponsor for a daily news paper.

Action Points:

  1. Suresh to come up with feasibility and expenses estimate

6. Cleaning pedda baavi and maala baavi

Filter water wastage is being released into “pedda baavi”, so the well itself is not being used for any purposes. Maala bavi water is being used for household purpose, but it has not been cleaned in years.

Action Points:

  1. Need to build a “Inkudu Guntha” for direverting filter water storage
  2. Need to clean Pedda bavi and Maala bavi with help ofworkers.

7. Mineral water tank cleaning

Mineral water tanks are not being cleaned regularly.

Action Points:

  1. Ask Maddileti to clean them regularly
  2. Sponser for cleaning if needed

8. Laali kalava blockage

Laali kalavas are blocked at various places. This is leading to dangerous mosquito bites.

Action Points:

  1. Have some workers to clean the kalavas
  2. Pour kerosene regularly if the kalavas are not flowing

9. Monkeys problem

We hear that there are so many monkeys visiting our village lately, causing problems to people.

Action Points:

  1. Sudhakar to contact municipality about monkeys problem.

10. Tractor kevins pouring mud on roads

In mud farms season (burada mallu), it is observed that tractors are being run on roads with kevins, there by pouring mud on roads. This dried up mud causing bumpy roads. The rides are not smooth, even though the roads are quite new and smooth.

Action Points:

  1. Educate villagers/drivers on this. Ask them to clean the mud on side of road and carry kevins rather than attaching them with wheels.

Hope I have covered everything here. Let’s see the updates to our work in the next meeting.