@Input, @Output, and EventEmitter

When developing applications we need to pass data from one component to another in several incidents. Here in this article, I will try to provide detailed information about how Angular @Input, @Output decorators, and EventEmitter can be used to pass data among parent and child components. Hence I have identified two major criteria to accomplish this:

  1. Data exchange from parent to child
  2. Data exchange from child to parent

Now I will explain how we can accomplish the above-mentioned criteria using @Input, @Output, and EventEmitter. …

Google reCAPTCHA with Angular forms

When we deal with some websites you may experience that there is a validation called reCAPTCHA, which proves that you are not a robot.

Better guidance to create a mobile app for an existing Angular application

In the software industry, after you successfully built a web application aligned with the client requirements, you may be asked to build a mobile application for the same web application to address mobile users' requirements. Therefore this article will provide you with better guidance to convert an existing web application developed using Angular into an Ionic native app by simple and detailed instructions.

Angular is a famous front-end web development framework which is Typescript-based and open source. Angular is a developed version of AngularJS. Angular Components are used to modify our program HTML, CSS, and logic. …

Identifying frequent patterns of a data set using Apriori Algorithm and Associate data set through Weka software

In Data Mining, Frequent Pattern Mining is a major concern because it is playing a major role in Associations and Correlations. First of all, we should know what is a Frequent Pattern?

Frequent Pattern is a pattern which appears frequently in a data set. By identifying frequent patterns we can observe strongly correlated items together and easily identify similar characteristics, associations among them. By doing frequent pattern mining, it leads to further analysis like clustering, classification and other data mining tasks.

Before moving to mine frequent patterns, we should focus on two terms which “support” and “confidence” because they can…

Easy and essential steps for implementing a rating page

This article helps you to create a five star rating page using Angular. First you need to create an Angular project. In order to implement five star rating page it is needed to install Angular powered Bootstrap widgets using following command as for the first step.

npm i @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap

After successfully installing it, you can use NgbModule import to the app.module.ts as follows as for the second step.

One efficient way of making Human Computer Interaction

Oral communication is the best way to share information between each other. Through oral communication, we can take direct feedback and they are easy to understand. Therefore verbal communication is tended to use than nonverbal communication. As for reference we can absorb information from surrounding by sight 83%, 11% by hearing, 3% by smell, 2% by touch and 1% taste. Though eye are the primary sensors of the human body, voice communication is one of most powerful tool to effective communication. Thus due to the nationality or the geographical area, people are using various languages to speak. Therefore the human…

Prathibha Perera

Final Year Undergraduate at Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa. Tech enthusiast and Dedicated.

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