There Is No Good Argument For The Teen Wage
Hanna Brooks Olsen

This is definitely one of those issues that is destroying the lives of our young people and the base of our society, but also one no one really wants to talk about.

A group that I’m a part of, Michigan High School Democrats, took on an advocacy project last spring that attacked a piece of legislation in the state senate. SB 250 lowered the minimum wage for those under 20 so that they would only receive 85% of the minimum wage. For people under 20. People who may be enrolled in college and are financially responsible for themselves. Here’s some more info:

I honestly don’t know what else to say (thankfully, we launched a pretty mean media campaign and the legislation floated away and never was voted on), but this is just such a prominent issue and it’s so frustrating that people rarely acknowledge how deeply it can affect some individuals.

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