“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only- and that is to support the ultimate career.” — C.S. Lewis

Dedicated to all homemakers : ) Thank you :)

We have a beautiful joint family back home. Yesterday, mummy was sharing with me about their dinner party and what all fun they did. Suddenly,I started missing everyone badly and told mummy, ap phone rakho (you put down the phone), I want to talk to all of them now.

I called chachi immediately. After 10 minutes, she told, Guddo didi ( my nickname) I am very happy for you. “ Ap kahan se kahan pahuch gaye , hamein dekho, hum toh yehi hain. Ap kitna accha kam kar rahe ho, kitna kuch achieve kar rahe ho aur hum bas hamare routine mein lage hain.” We are proud of you.

I told her immediately, Chachi, how could you think that ? That you are not doing anything great. For me, you guys are doing the most amazing and toughest work in this world. Ask me about the hostel life ? About how does it feel to take care of your cloths everyday, about cleaning the room, about cooking my own lunch and most importantly making a cup of tea for myself everyday.

Back home bhabhi, mummy and you all used to do it for me. Remember, jab bhi kuch accha khana hota tha, I used to come to you and say, Chachi, please kuch accha sa bana do, bahut bhuk lagi hain. You used to make it with all your love and care. And all I had to do is just sit and enjoy.

Now, when I look back, I think how you guys manage it all. I mean, everyone has their own demands and sabko kuch alag alag khana hota hain. Everyone has their list of expectations that they want you to fulfill. And on the top of all, no matter how much you do, they keep complaining and saying- “karti hi kya ho tum log din bhar.”

I would not say my job is easy here but compared to what you guys do, It is way too easy. I here have the luxury to live for me, follow my dreams, dressed up and roam around in Delhi. I have the luxury to take an off from work, be at home, order pizza and watch movies the whole day. But you guys, you never take a break. Sunday is like extra work for you because everyone is at home.

The moment I shared it with her, the dialogues changed. True didi, these days are like crazy. With the new baby in the house, I am all occupied in taking care of him, the guest, the party’s menu and every other small thing. It is like a 24 hour job. I can’t tell you, how did I manage to go for the dinner. You know, I was an hour late. True, we are like a rockstar.

It is my views and I take full responsibility of it. I think, in our culture, we don’t appreciate homemakers the way we should. They are the one who runs the whole house, I have found most of them underestimating themselves and feel unappreciated. I don’t blame them for it. I believe, it is totally our fault. Somehow, we have failed to appreciate them for all that they do. Somehow, we have failed to give them the respect they deserve. Somehow, we have failed to build that confidence in them. Though we talk big words but there is a thin line, that I believe we all need to think about.

I respect and appreciate you for everything that you do for us. Believe me, our home is a mess, if you leave home even for a day. Somehow, we manage for a day but we cannot survive without you more than a week for sure.

Believe me, we can go out and work because, we know, when we’ll be back, you will be there waiting for us. You will be there to pamper and love us. You will be there for make garam roti for us even at 11 PM at night. The list is so long that I can keep writing and writing.

At the end, I would just like to say. Thank you.

Thank you for being there always. Thank you for being our backbone:) You are my pride