The One Thing That Changed My Entire Life
James Altucher

Depression is the stage where you are so stuck in your brain you can’t act. Your mind is spilled all over your consciousness, because you lost your driving, in face the subconscious recognition that your actual life became purposeless. It occurs when we lost the little piece of self we used to carry on since we realize “I exist”. Once this accidental identity gets half lost, our guts demand action towards the rebuilding of it.

An empty shell can’t act, can’t move, can’t crave, can’t exist, can’t live. A shattered being can’t be. What eager is not the mind, but the spirit. And spirits can’t thrive without grace, without love, without human meanings, and human practices, in natural environments. We should not allow us to be tamed by the rules of civilization. We were not born to be commanded, directed, kept apart of reality, of natural ambience, be held in captivity, to produce, consume, dispose, to scrap life’s experience in empty measurable moments.

The Spirit has to breath, needs to be nurtured, needs to express itself, needs be continuously built “by living”. And we need to learn how to live, like the domesticated primates, private of the vital force in the midst of the life’s community.

So Do I

…as your heart and mind eagers…

You crave change in your life
So do I...


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