Post App Launch Planning: You Better Do it Before Launch

So, how you develop a mobile app?

1) Wireframing
2) Designing
3) Developing
4) Testing
5) Deployment

You have got it all planned, right? So, your planning ends here? If yes, the ending of your app is also not very far. For a mobile app to get the desired amount of attention, users and then potential customers, there should be two plans and both should have the exact execution to ensure its survival in the app store. Pre-launch tactics are something you are already in the know of. So, let’s jump on to the post-app launch tactics.

1) Organic Promotion

The very first thing you need to do is sign up for a reliable analytic tool. As a mobile app development company, keep a track of who visits your site for how much time and does he get what he is looking for. Allow the users to share their reviews and rate your app. This will invite more users to the app. Don’t skip the social promotion of the app. Share as much as you can on as many platforms as you can about the mobile app and its glittering features. Create a web page for your app starts blogging on that website for app promotion.

2) Don’t Measure Anything, Measure Everything

A sound flow of revenue definitely means your app is climbing the success ladder, but are you able to sustain it? For sure, you will be in the celebration mode that your hard work was fruitful. But are you analyzing which features are bearing you the revenue? Is there any specific feature disliked by the users? What is the adequate time to bring in the update? At what time of the day, people are using your app the most? What is the age group of your potential users? How much time is your user spending on your app? Keeping a constant track of all these features is what you need to do instead of just being happy.

3) Keep A Check

You have a bulk of new users coming to your app on a regular basis. Keep a check on the number of daily active users along with monthly active users. Keep a check on the retention rate as well. If you have a plethora of users coming to your app who don’t stay long and abandon your app is the retention rate. This shows how long you are able to hook your users and if not there is any potential default in the app which needs to be solved. Also, keep an eye on the average revenue per user.

4) App Store Optimization

The success of the entire mobile application development hugely depends upon the way how you market your app. App store optimization is the process of making your app to be seen on as many pages as possible. Just like SEO brings your website to the top of the search results on Google. Similarly, ASO will bring your mobile app to the top of either Google play store or Apple app store. ASO will determine the potential keywords, choose the app title and description and enable the competitive advantage.

5) Paid Mobile App Promotion

Buy a download tracking tool to get to know the paid ad source which is driving the majority of the visitors. Analyze the number of downloads needed to rank on the top of the app store. Indulge in the paid ads and visual marketing and once your app has established a commendable position in the app store with an adequate amount of downloads and a sufficient amount of potential users, stop the paid marketing. To maintain the same position, maintain the position of the app with organic methods.