Pac-Man using Axure RP

No scripts. Just basics. #GamePrototypingChallenge

Recently I came across a story on medium demonstrating a simple game built using Axure and it inspired me to try one myself.

This will be a short article (2 min of read and 15 seconds of play)

I have been working as a UX professional for more than 4 years now and have got my hands dirty (and I mean it! 😜) with many wireframing and prototyping applications. I can say, the number of tools I came across, Axure RP is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for creating Wireframes and Prototypes.

Do read my story on Wireframes and Prototypes.

Having said that, there is no denying that there are definitely tools in Market that are better than Axure RP in few perspectives; but Axure RP is still the more user friendly and best-functioning rapid prototyping tool, especially when it comes to designing micro-interactions. Not only the tool is constantly improving, but also there is an Axure forum and so many topics, prototyping tips, tricks and issues that are addressed on day to day basis. (Oh! I am there too 😇)

With so many features to offer, Axure RP is an extremely efficient UX tool that enables designers to quickly create rich interactive prototypes without any knowledge of front-end coding. I urge every UX professional to try it out.

Check out Pac-Man here :

Screenshot from Axure

Game Prototyping Challenge

Hereby, I also start a #GamePrototypingChallenge where you can use any prototyping tool to create a simple game and share it with each other. Just 2 rules :

  1. No scripts or plugins. Use only capabilities of the tool.
  2. Share with everyone using #GamePrototypingChallenge

Let’s make learning fun! 😃

P.S : Views expressed in this story are mine. This is not at all promotion of Axure.😇

If you think it will help. Don’t just 👏 ! Start Doing. Start Sharing. 😏

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