10 minutes of Foregin languages each day

During my post graduation, i happened to learn foregin language French but to irregular practise and lack of focus, i some how lost the grip of it, lately i have noticed that its very important to polish foregin languages or even regional language , or else your efforts put in it goes waste. Hence i have made an agenda to practise foregin language 10 minutes a day, but the difficulty was to learn all over again.

Language we use, influences the way we think -steven pinker

During this discovery led me to redevelop my skills and polish my foregin language, hence i started meeting people who are hobbyists for foregin language, one of them was Omar bali a close buddy. His french was far more superior than mine, but the challenge was to polish it, we faced the same dilemmas. But when two problem seekers meet solution tend to happen, we worked constantly on our basics first, everyday by 6pm we talk with each other in french and communicate well on basics, first phase we started with basic of french class some glimpse are as below.

Mon nom est Pratik
My name is Pratik
Je suis entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur

We continued speaking basic french like things, animals, vegetables, directions, everyday 10 minutes make my mind freshen up and polish my foregin language, no matter how hard you try its always difficult to learn complete of it, because we lack day to day speaking, this might help us together to overcome this challenge, well its pronunciation is another challenge because we lack clarity over command. Languages are so much fun to learn, i have made by mind to learn french throughly and then take up another foregin language like German or Spanish. This would make at least basic language speaking guy, but yet another challenge is to catch up with fast pronunciations as seen in movies , its the beginning of learning something new, but speaking regularly might me. Well its not difficult just hold on it sometime, it tends to flow naturally by then.

Happy learnings !!!!