Ownership of problems

It is very important to take ownership of the problems faced, this is in regards to everyday hustle happening in the company, which may last from small problems to large problems. I come across many pitches some from my fellow entrepreneurs or in Startup events, and seen a lots of clever ideas from many smart entrepreneurs, some were way ahead of the time and while some were not competitive enough.

In order to be successful, founders need to have lots of qualities, and these include: guts; integrity; passion; soft skills; the ability to sell; and a sound technical background. After all these years, I have realized that there’s only one thing I want from many founders — someone who will take ownership of all the problems he encounters, and will constantly try to fix them even if hardest things hit you hard!

These are the kinds of founders who will do whatever needs to be done to move ahead, rather than try to pass the buck. As you can imagine, this is a rare skill, because it’s so much easier to come with excuses for why targets were not met; or why the product failed to perform as promised.

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