Want to deliver on time-Fail Fast,Collaborate more,Be focus — altMBA4

People fails to make change coz they are afraid to try new things, they are scared to think wild, and perhaps they don’t have time limit to deliver on things.

Just completed the exercise of not simply writing the 99 business ideas(actually 107!) that includes the new and improved way to reach customers for services and product delivery, an effective way to solve complex problems such as serving aging population and meeting food demand using disrupting technology ,the truly uber way for delivering products and services, but also put a simple business model together for each idea.

This is an example which shows what team work can achieve using collaborative approach when not constraint with thinking ability but challenged with shipping deadlines.

For an effectiveness, delivering on time is as important as delivering beyond the expectation with quality results.

In this prompt my key learning were:

  • Not only Identifying need for change is important but understanding the worthiness of change is critical too
  • For effective innovation process, focus on who it’s for(market size), what it’s for(type of market), and the problem it solves or desire it fulfills(customer demand)
  • Penetrability of unique business model from one sector to another sector is possible based on its applicability, adoption rate and market.This is also applicable in delivering unique product or service using different business model and to serve different customer segments
  • Deadline for delivery stretches the productivity however no guarantee for super quality results
  • Collaboration process yields better results if process is simple and without many options. Many options in team work leads to confusion and storming

Originally published at altmba4.altmba.com on March 3, 2016.

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