A tale of misfortune that you do not want to encounter


Bangalore as a city is known for it indecent rain all through out the year. With rain, it sometimes also brings in moderate gush of winds. The doors at your home are susceptible to get slammed with a sudden gush of these rainy winds.

The long weekend

Ganesh chathurthi was around the corner. Which implied, all my flat mates had left for their home town to celebrate this august festival with their near and dear ones. I was left all alone in the house during this festive season.

The day was dated, 27 August 2017. The day started late for me as is always on a weekend. I indulged myself into watching movies on television for better half of the morning. This was followed by cooking rajma chawal for lunch and gulping it as soon as it was cooked.

With a great satisfaction after having rajma chawal, my eyes glanced around the mess I had created in kitchen while cooking this. And this made me start cleaning the kitchen. The kitchen looked all right after a while of toil except for the garbage dumping area of our kitchen. I took the final leap and packed the garbage bag. I moved towards the entrance of our flat to drop the garbage bag just outside our door. The garbage bag would be then taken by our apartment’s housekeepers to dispose it in the communal garbage disposable area.

All this while, it was raining with heavy gush of wind flowing into our flat. The balcony door was kept open on a regular basis while someone is at home. The entrance door of our flat is inline with the balcony door roughly with a distance of three meters apart.

Pulling the door open, I had stepped out of my flat to drop the garbage bag. In a split of a second, a sudden gush of wind slammed the door closed. And I was stranded out of my flat with no keys nor mobile.

It was around 2:30 PM, when all this drama unfolded. I was stranded out of my flat in simple homey clothes. With all my flatmates out of town, I had to wait till one of them reaches home. Meanwhile, I tried to consult with our security guard for finding a way to get into my flat. I suggested him many erratic ways to get into the flat but he denied in lending a hand in any of them.

With all options closed, I decided to spend the rest of the waiting time with one of our neighbor in the apartment.

After a wait of nearly four and half hours, one of my flatmate reached a bit early to home in the evening and I was finally into my flat after an unpleasant experience in the afternoon.

I learnt a tough lesson by the harder way and would never look forward to encounter a similar one again.

An account of this experience was recorded to save the emotion of that day.

An audio recording of the day’s ordeal