Published an App for “Navratri 2017”

Navratri 2017 — Listen and Download Aarti, Stuti, Garba.

Navratri, also spelled Navaratri or Navarathri, is a multi-day Hindu festival celebrated in the autumn every year.

In this we will celebrate some other way with Navratri 2017 App, In that You can Listen Aarti, Stuti and Garba Online by just one click. You can also download Aarti, Stuti and Latest Garba to play Dandiya at any time.

I published First App Navratri 2017 — Android Apps on Google Play of My Own Company iTanic.

and Features of Navratri 2017 are:

  • Share Aarti in English
  • Share Aarti in Hindi
  • Share Aarti in Gujarati
  • Share Stuti in English
  • Share Stuti in Hindi
  • Share Stuti in Gujarati
  • One Tap to Play Navratri Aarti (Jay Aadhya Sakti)
  • One Tap to Play Navratri Stuti (Vishvambhari Stuti)
  • One Tap to Play Navratri Special Garba
  • One Tap to Play Titodo
  • Download Navratri Aarti (Jay Aadhya Sakti)
  • Download Navratri Stuti (Vishvambhari Stuti)
  • Download Navratri Special Garba
  • Newest and Latest Garba of New Singers
Happy Navratri

Download Here and Give Reviews If You Really Like It…

Navratri 2017 — Android Apps on Google Play

Thank you.

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