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Pratik Chhapolika
Jul 14 · 3 min read

The most difficult thing for data science beginners is to choose relevant articles, books, blogs and courses among millions available in the internet.
Here is the comprehensive list of courses, blogs which might be super useful for freshers and people taking interviews.
Please follow in the order mentioned:

I have kept the list to minimum so that it is easy to follow.

  1. Calculus (Mathematics)




2. Probability

Sheldon M Ross:


3. Programming language ( Python)
You Tube:

4. Linear Algebra ( Advanced + Basics)

Linear Algebra and its applications:


MIT (Professor Gilbert Strang):
Available in you tube also.


5. Machine Learning | Data Science | Artificial Intelligence

Bishop, Christopher M. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Springer, 2006. ISBN 978–0–387–31073–2
Alpaydin, Ethem Introduction to Machine Learning. MIT Press, 2014. ISBN 978–0–262–02818–9
( PDF version is available on internet)

Machine Learning (Andrew Ng):
Deep Learning (Andrew Ng):
Applied AI ( Easy to understand):

Udacity Nano Degree Courses

6. Interview | Blogs

Analytics Vidiya

Linkedin (Vipul Patel:)


Puzzles | Programs:

Free links to practice ML programs with GPU:
Google Colab:

Neural Network Playground:

I will keep updating the link if something interesting comes up.

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Pratik Chhapolika

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IIT- Hyderabad, Data Scientist @Johnson&Johnson

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