Story of a Data Scientist -”Data is the new Science?”

Pratik Chhapolika
Jul 4 · 2 min read

It started with the fortress- ”The White House”, no not the Washington but the fortress of Infosys, Mysore campus in India. I was trained in Java, DBMS and was lucky enough to land in Data Science. This is the uniqueness of Infosys, it keeps surprising you at every moment. How could I forget that day, 2014, August 25th. The whole career took a big-big turn when I joined Infosys Data Science Research and Development Group in Bangalore. Never heard of this name before, so there was a glimpse of fear and anxiety about what this is all about.

The sound of Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and more was just making me more nervous and incapable. There were some big players sitting beside me having PhD in Machine Learning, PhD in Computer Vision that added more to my nervousness.

Spending dozens of hours to answer a single, seemingly simple, question reading blogs, several materials on internet, you tube and lots and lots of toy example to run in computer made me understand about Data Science and its Application. “ Data science is an awesome profession, but there are definitely some serious frustrations that come with it.” I fought with it being new to this field. Once I thoroughly studied books and followed it with practical demos, then the things started to unravel itself and became more clear.

So, to keep this short as this is my first article Data Science is one of the most Beautiful things to work on. I never get bored, it keeps pushing you for innovative ideas and keeps us updated with recent technologies. Not to miss that when I changed my company from Infosys I got almost a 200% hike. What comes easy has no value!! With all that frustration and hard work, I gained knowledge and money. But in my journey, I have recognized a few unhealthy mechanisms towards Data Science that is Lack of mathematics behind it, Creative Thinking and hands-on experience. So make sure you have all these things covered. :-)


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Pratik Chhapolika

Written by

IIT- Hyderabad, Data Scientist @Johnson&Johnson

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