Changing for the Better


We are like water. We can flow, direct in any way we want. You want to be a Fountain, it’s fine. But always remember that you even have the power to cut through rocks, metals, and anything once you focus. So Never settle for less just because it will require change and effort to get more.

Spend your life the way you want, just don’t Settle down for less than what you can truly accomplish. When you feel the need to improve yourself, Just accept our Shortcomings and take that effort to improve. Remember your life is what you believe and hence create out of it. Have no Limitations, Take risks, Learn from your mistakes, Take up new Challenges, Surround yourself with Good Vibes. Your pursuit should be to be the best version of Yourself. Everything else is secondary and will fall in place.

To lead an extraordinary life you need to put in something more than most people do.

Firstly, Accept yourself for who you are. Don’t give a shit to what others have to say. Know yourself, your weakness fears and embrace them. Once you do people can’t use these against you. You have all the right to be and express yourself as you choose to.

Secondly, start working slowly and steadily on your weak points and fear. I know it will take time and effort but of we want good fruits we need to take the effort of working hard on a farm.


Lastly, the feeling of nervousness, anxiety is OK. But the fact that you realized this shows that you want to improve yourself. What is important is to accept your weakness and start working on them. Life challenges you so that you get better and the best at everything. I know it’s tough but not impossible. Don’t give up.

Be YOUnique!

Sounds convincing, Right? But how do you begin?

Here are some suggestions to get you Started,

  • Write your goals(of any kind) down, Everyday in the morning read the list and all day try taking steps towards accomplishing them.Put them on your wall/Mirror so that you can see them when you get ready for the day and back from the day.
  • Every day in the evening when you get back, introspect your day. Find out what could you do better and on what can you improvise for tomorrow.
  • Read books. Related to your goals, self-help, Biographies etc. Anything that will enrich you and motivate you.
  • Print out some illustrations of how you want to see yourself in future. Also some motivational quotes, your Dreams. Maybe your dream car may be your dream position in the company. Having an illustration of your vision makes you strive for it.
  • To act on it without fail, Firstly, push yourself do stick to your new goals and taking actions for them. Soon it becomes a habit and your goals and dreams become your priorities.

Here’s a picture of my Wall.

Here’s a great example of taking small steps every day to get Better

Take a look at this

It shows us the results of giving 1% more every day, taking that little effort every day. Maybe for any kind of goals, if you put in the effort. Results are amazing.

So it may be your dreams, Work, problems, suffering. One percent more from your side will surely help you to achieve, complete, tackle, get through it.

Keep Going!

Remember, It’s never too late to get Started!

So, Dare to Be different and accept that fact.

Believe in yourself and the universe.

Hard work and Perseverance is the Key.

Don’t be afraid of Change (Any kind). Keep changing, Keep Improving.

Get up and Get Going.

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