INDIAN IT Party is over. But Why ???

Since last one week, I see all my friends on FB sharing links talking about the major IT companies like Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, etc. laying off people. The major talk being about Cognizant who is even ready to part ways with it’s employees in the best way possible by offering 6–9 months of salary. All we are talking about is that the companies are laying off people. Well, that happens and I must say that it should happen again and again to obtain the optimum output from the workforce. It will be stupid for a company to keep people on payroll if they are under performing. The first thing we need to understand before just speaking is that these companies are into the business and if you’re not offering your best, be ready to get sacked. So, stop crying like a small baby. All I am hearing is that companies are just handing over “PINK SLIPS”. But, no one is talking about the “WHY”.

If we see the trends, it is not just the execution team being sacked but it’s also the mid level and higher level positions that are getting into the trouble zone. There are many factors responsible for this. So, before blaming Trump for this, the first and foremost thing to do is look into our own profile as to where we stand.

From the very beginning, we Indians have been great at execution. Name the technology and we had the best programmers for the same. We just knew how to execute. But, we failed at innovation. We have android programmers, iOs programmer but we don’t have out own Mobile OS. Same goes with the Server side applications and any technology. Indian companies just enjoyed the privilege of selling these skills at 5–6 times than what was being paid to the employee. Even the companies across the globe loved this as it was cheap for them and in return they received a good service. It was basically a win-win for everyone.

But lately, you are not just the one who takes the whole piece of cake . There are always people who want to know how you earn and want to make some money the same way. There were more South East Asian & even African countries who saw this opportunity and just grabbed it. Countries like Indonesia , Vietnam & Philippines just did the same thing but with a better professional approach and when I say better it is true. The Indian companies basically were just arrogant and were in an illusion that no one can ever do what they are offering. But the whole ball game started changing with time and many major Indian IT giants were left with nothing but just maintenance work and new projects started diverting to other countries. Indian companies just started over quoting forcing the global companies to go on shopping rounds.

Second major factor seems to be over hiring. Major Indian companies hired and just kept these Engineers on benches which did burn the pockets lately. However, in the current scenario this doesn’t seem to be a major issue. But, yes it’s adding up to the entire turmoil.

But, lately as we analyze the entire issue, it seems that automation and performance is being blamed. Automation, of course has replaced the workforce in call centres, BPOs , etc. To blame automation is a lame excuse because automation has happened in the past too. Robots replaced the paint jobs in car industry, Automatic plants just replaced the workforce and reduced the workforce to 1/10th in food and beverage industry. But, do we see unemployment rising? No. It didn’t.

So, it’s clear that automation is not a major player in the job cuts. It was just a party time for under-skilled labour until automation took over. The next issue to look at is the performance which has for sure gone down. The major reason being not able to stay at par with latest technologies. The pace at which the new technologies are popping out, it seemed to be too much of an exercise for the techies to cope up with. We, Indians have always been in an illusion that we just need to graduate/ post graduate, take up a job at a big multinational and have a great life ahead. This did work for few years. But, now we are seeing the aftermath of this attitude.

Another major issue with Indian companies is that we have been a good execution people but not innovators. Till now, all we had was execution . But, the entire world is slowly and gradually moving towards innovation and IT is not just restricted to computing. The whole industry is moving towards cloud but we failed to be at par with this. We have not managed to innovate. Even if we did innovate, such innovations failed to receive the attention it should. We don’t have our Tesla. Why ? Because our automobile industry is still busy executing and exporting to African countries. If we stop innovating, we will keep failing and not just IT but many industries will start experiencing such job cuts in the future.

The first and foremost thing to do is innovate the education curriculum. Everyone including the companies and the students need to understand that the current education system has turned out to be a big failure. But, companies have not stopped hiring the unusable talent. Everyone needs to come at a same page and discuss what’s the need of the day. I don’t think that a 65 yr old professor who worked on an 8085 machine has rights to decide what I shall learn. I don’t want people to learn about “What is computer, ROM , RAM, CPU, etc”. Dude!! know that. Stop teaching me this. And I don’t care if anyone else knows about this. If you are going to teach me something because someone who did not have a privilege to learn this in school days, then I would say it is foolish. Take those under privileged people and train them with a different course curriculum. The first thing to do is to sake the university people. Their party must be stopped. I have respect for my teachers. But, I don’t want my future , my job to be sacked because my teachers used and knew old technologies.

Such teachers and university people must be sacked on immediate basis. The whole system must be replaced with experienced techies who will make it sure that the latest technologies are immediately inducted into the curriculum. If this needs to happen on the go , just do it. Because, we have no time to cry over the spilt milk.If we are not adapting, someone else is already doing it. Just like the major governments experience coups, it’s time for the universities to experience one such coup. They need to stop playing with our future.

Companies also need to start playing an important role in this and stop recruiting people on the basis of degrees. The moment they stop recruiting through campus, the educational institutes will have nothing to market ultimately forcing them to change the curriculum. The focus must be on hiring expertise, use them, keep innovating and train them for future technologies.

That’s the only way to ensure that the party in ON !