The 1 Best Thing To Do, To Get Success & Add More Happiness Into Life

Why to do The 1 Best Thing?

  • Because it help us in getting a real sense of life
  • It gives us a clear perspective of our goal which lead us towards our success
  • It makes us to think positively & strengthen our belief
  • It gives us motivation in tough situation
  • It leads our life towards abundance, success, happiness & love

How to do The 1 Best Thing?

By simply accepting it, believing it & following it with commitment.


What is that 1 best thing?

My dear friends I am really very eager to tell you that 1 best thing, but I think you will love to know it & understand it with a story.

So let’s go!

Once, Jack was going through the Jungle. It was a bright sunny day. It was really amazing to see the green with the different colors of flowers, butterflies & birds. He was experiencing the peace in the deep silence of the forest. It was awesome to be with the nature with bare feet. It was pleasing for him as his childhood memories. He loved it a lot.

But it was a jungle! As he was wandering, he heard something. It was foreboding sound. He took a while & turned back. Alas! It was a big tiger, with sharp teeth & ready to attack.As instinct kicked in,Jack started running in the blink of an eye. He was running with tremendous speed to survive, but tiger was exactly behind him. Tiger seem determined to have him on lunch. Held with terror, jack couldn’t see what was before him! He slipped and before tiger jumped on him, he felled down into the dry well. But with his luck, he found something to grab.

Phew! He took the breath and saw upward. Tiger was still there with his hungry eyes over him. He was running in circles around the well. Growling sound of him was echoing in the well and making Jack’s heart go even faster. Jack decided it wasn’t the best time to get out of the well then. While hanging there, something drew his attention. It was a brownish snake lying on bottom of well. What a terrible situation it was for him! He was frozen to the spot and wasn’t able to think what he should do! He did not have any option than to remain in the same position and not to move up or down. It was life threatening situation. If he slipped again, snake would definitely had him and tiger was on him from top if he ever even tries to get out. He found no hope, it seemed impossible to survive.

Suddenly, he found that something was falling on his hand drop-by-drop. It was honey. But suddenly, he remembered the1 Best Thing.

That 1 Best Thing was the secret of his happiness and success and it was strong enough to give him a ray of hope.

What was that 1 best thing?

It was his determination to be happy in any situation in life. He had learned from his past experience and from his master, that if you want to be happy or successful, it is important to be determined to be happy in every situation.

Honey was like Holy Grail for him in both terms.

One –he was thirsty and down with energy after all that chase with the tiger. So, Honey was able to rejuvenate him Physically.

And two — he could indulge in the act, live in the moment and get helped himself Morally.

Without wasting time, he started licking it. It was sweet and relieving. He completely indulged in licking honey that he totally forgot about the tiger and the snake. How could he chose to indulge and completely forgot about the beasts seeking his life, it was something unusual. What could made him that strong?

It was only his determination, with which he indulged himself in licking the honey. As time passed, don’t know how much, jack woke up from that indulgence. He took a glance around him. There was neither a snake nor that tiger. Tiger had better chances of hunting elsewhere than to wait for jack to get out of the well. Wow! He whispered with smile on face. It was not less than a miracle to find himself alive. He was full of hopes when he got out of the well. It was a lively moment for him. He rushed towards his home happily.

It all happened due to the 1 best thing which he had implemented in his life in the toughest situations.

My dear friends, our life is meant to live with abundance, our life is meant for happiness,to feel lively at all the time and this all will come to you by implementing this 1 best into your life. There are plenty of people who have been enjoying and are enjoying life due to the force of determination.

Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, M. Gandhi, and tons of other people have failed in their earlier attempts. But they succeeded at the level you can’t deny their parts in transforming the world around you.The secret of their success is the sheer determination — this makes it the 1 best thing to be implemented in your life.

So my dearest of friends, why to wait ?!

Implement this 1 best thing into your life and enjoy your life with true abundance.

Remember –

“Only foolish seeks the success at distance, the wise one grows it under his feet.”
- Swami Vivekananda
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