Everything you need to know about Inbound Marketing — I

Young, naïve, fresh-out-of-the-oven entrepreneurs, you know how they are — bubbling with energy, always on a keen lookout for inspirations, and such knowledge gluttons.

That’s how I see myself right now (2:26 AM IST, to be precise) while writing this blog.

From the scratch to a million followers — our breed often wishes if there was a quick spell to get there.

Well sorry to burst your bubble, but there isn’t.

Unless you’re Zuckerberg of course, having a billion dollars to throw in ads and campaigns. Or why bother? By simply leveraging your name.

Hang in there! We are getting to the point.

So, while I was actively seeking for ideas to market my startup, I was constantly hit by this term ‘Inbound Marketing’ through different touchpoints. A few case studies, HubSpot webinars and eBooks later, I realized it’s not just a term.

Inbound Marketing is a whole new revolution, ready to challenge the conventional marketing ways (popularly referred to as ‘Outbound Marketing’).

Let’s find out in detail, what is this fuss about Inbound Marketing?

To understand the same, we need to first learn what is Outbound Marketing.

Outbound Marketing is the same old traditional ways to marketing. Cold calls, direct mails, TVCs, billboards, advertising spots in newspapers, etc. which have reached to the edge of saturation.

No doubt, it has been productive in the past and still working best for some. But the cost to effectiveness ratio is wayyy too high and moreover, the customers have either become immune to or have opted for ways to avoid these interruptions.

The Do-Not-Call list, RSS feeds, Ad blockers are being extensively used by your audience to block your marketing message.

Reaching to under 40, especially the digitally forward audience with these obsolete ways is becoming harder & harder every day.

What if there is a solution that can automatically bring leads to you, bringing your target market under your sales funnel.

We are talking about ‘Inbound’, or the much more relevant, valuable and sophisticated type of marketing here.

The kind that does not interrupt but engage; does not sell but solve; doesn’t obfuscate but educate and the one that presents a solution to the audience that is seeking the solution.


Inbound marketing components include RSS feeds, Social Media, Blogs, Slideshare, YouTube, Podcasts, eBooks, Webinars, Google and a vast array of tools that are much more intelligent and put forward the interest & requirements of your audience first.


Inbound Marketing, in a nutshell, is creating valuable, creative & engaging content across multiple platforms, that pulls relevant leads for your business. It is a more personalized & customized approach to marketing aligned to your audience’s actual needs & pain points.

While you’re reading this blog, most marketers have already kick-started leveraging the benefits of Inbound Marketing. It is much more technical and complex than the traditional outbound but if you hope to survive in the industry, you have no option but to embrace Inbound Marketing, which is in its true sense the future of marketing.

If you are seeking to improve your brand visibility or how to gain and nurture more leads, whether as an established business or a startup, contact me today at pratiksha@cosmowgli.com or simply post it in the comments, and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

In the next blog of the series, I will delve deeper into the process or techniques of Inbound Marketing and what businesses does it benefit the most.

Happy learning :)