Are you a Republican thinking of voting for Trump?

Trump’s racist rhetoric transcends party politics

Racism: The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
Definition, Oxford dictionary

Donald Trump’s response to Khizr Khan, or more specifically his barb towards Ghazala Khan, showed the abject depravity of Trump as a human being. Presented with grieving parents pouring their hearts out, albeit with political overtures, Trump decided to use their religion as the fulcrum of his counter argument. He chose to look beyond the parents, human beings, Americans, or even Gold Star parents, he just saw Muslims on stage. Such is his preoccupation with becoming president, and with it his commitment to anti-immigrant rhetoric, that he was unable to tap into the even the most basic aspects of human decency. I, for one, hope that the people of America reject this vanity-laden iniquitous bigot. Let him continue to charm the world where billionaires are heroes and misogyny is revered. Elsewhere, I had stated that soul of America is on the line in these elections. Now I think this is an understatement. If you vote Trump you are complicit. You will almost certainly be siding with racists, supremacists, and misogynists. This has now moved beyond party politics. This is now a simple question of decency.

Another vacuous aspect of Trump’s approach to this problem is that he has humiliated the very types of Muslims that America and the rest of the western world has been crying out for. The Khan’s are true Americans. They are integrated, eloquent, and by making the ultimate sacrifice of losing a child, they have proved themselves to be real patriots. These are the people that should be celebrated and made heroes of. They should be at the forefront of educating the Muslim community that the American ethos of liberty, individualism, and justice are worth fighting for, even dying for. Yet, Trump the presidential candidate, has rejected and alienated the very essence of what is needed to win this ideological battle. Trump, by vilifying the messenger to detract from the message, has shown himself to be as short-sighted as he is self-serving. Islam, per se is not the problem, the problem lies with extremism. Trump is an extremist. Fighting extremism with extremism is a lovely soundbite but will only aggravate the myriad of complexities that are facing geopolitics. Racism with a very large dollop of stupidity, is this the winning amalgam of characteristics of the next President of the United States? Let’s hope not. He was victorious in securing the Republican candidacy by propagating fear and division. Sadly, his narcissism and vitriol have hijacked the democratic process and denied the American electorate an objective election between two candidates and their policies. This election has become all about Trump.

Finally, to end on a more banal note, we are after all engaged in a race to the bottom, after Melania’s plagiaristic performance at the RNC, Trump is in no position to complain about what does or does not come out of the mouth of another man’s wife.