Theresa May Trolling The World: BoJo as Foreign Minister

Politicians playing politics with the lives of the proletariat

To everyone’s great relief Boris was stopped from becoming Prime Minister. Instead to everyone’s great horror he was given the job that he was obviously most qualified for- Foreign Minister. Foreign relations should be a hoot, he has already used Obama’s African heritage to highlight his own colonialist tendencies and used a decent man’s heritage as leverage for cheap and banal political point scoring. The Chinese are no doubt enamoured by his tasteless and rambling acceptance speech at Bejing Olympics. Israel too will be reassured that in comparing the EU to the Nazis he has a deep understanding of their and humanities greatest tragedies. His reference to ‘picannies’ and ‘shirt-lifter bumboys’ will no doubt cement Britain’s place as a progressive nation of tolerance. Having cut ourselves off from Europe, this is exactly the shot in the arm Britain needed to launch ourselves as a new global leader.

On a personal note his view about benefits of colonialism in the Indian subcontinent typifies the man- blustering opportunist and with little thought. He has in the past talked about the barbarous acts of natives that were curtailed as a consequence of colonisation, yet he ignores the tens of millions of lives and potential lost as a consequence of famine that has not been seen since the British departed India. He celebrates India’s democracy as a legacy of colonisation but ignores the failed state of Pakistan.

To add insult to injury we are going to be subjected to five years of Boris Johnson’s new ministerial façade. From afar this more dignified avatar of Bojo has been simultaneously grating and disorientating- has his whole life to this point been an act or is this an act? I fear I may have to backpack around Southeast Asia all over again to find answers.

During the Brexit campaign Boris Johnson painted himself as the voice of the common man . Truth is, his privileged upbringing, belief in one-nation conservatism, an ideology that was founded on the paternal benevolence of the rich towards the poor, made him the least likely candidate for this role. Yet, by the force of personality and hateful rhetoric many working-class people felt he would be the most appropriate guy to change their plight. A few days after hood-winking the nation to vote Brexit, the country was in disarray. We were all busy falling out with each other, families were concerned about losing their livelihoods, and lovers were concerned about being separated. Whilst bedlam ensued, Sir Johnson (it is inevitable) was playing backyard cricket at Earl Spencer’s. Rest assured by siding with “BoJo”, and voting Brexit, the common man stuck two-fingers up to the system.

Theresa May, our great leader, clearly felt this is the guy to represent Britain overseas. Her judgement doesn’t inspire confidence. Brexit, if nothing else showed that the political class are happy to gamble with public welfare to resolve internal grievances. The wake-up call delivered by Brexit has been ignored by Westminster. Politicians continue to play party-politics. Thankfully, Nigel Farage hasn’t been appointed Minister for race relations………yet.