2 BHK Flat in Thane

Once upon a time there was a city named Thane which was a very underdeveloped and far flung location in all ways — be it accessibility or lifestyle. Then magically arrived the savior, the Hiranandani group who had the eyes to see the unexplored potential of this township. Thus, they made a pact to bring about a revolution. This revolution gave birth to the famous Hiranandani estate that instantly turned out to be reborn in aristocracy rather than the poverty it was in before. This lonely, desolated piece of land turned out to be a majestic empire! Thus the magic was performed on the mantras by the Hiranandani group which gave the city of Thane a royal life of calm and convenience. A complete lifestyle to be precise.

Thane Hiranandi is a place situated in the province of Mumbai Thane. The Hiranandani estate is an upmarket condominium style township which has been built by the Hiranandani group. It comes under the metropolitan part of the city. To reach here you would have to take the road from Ghodbundar which is the connecting point of Eastern express highway to the Western Suburbs.

The place here has a historical touch to it which makes it an awesome place to reside in. Thane has an outstanding skyline which is uniquely different from its neighboring complexes. This is due to the fact that they are designed in the Greco - Roman architectural style. One of the many valid reasons why looking out for a 2 BHK flat in Thane, Hiranandani is a good choice is because their makers have ensured that this area is self sufficient in itself. They have their own Hiranandani hospital, the Hiranandani foundation school and a club house of its own. They also have numerous ATMs, cafes and restaurants in and around it. What’s more, the Hiranandani flats also have their own transportation system which connects the Township to the Thane railway station. These residencies are also home to the Hiranandani business park which is a house for plenty of MNCs and BPOs.

If you are still wondering why you should invest your money in a 2 BHK flat in Thane, Hiranandani, we offer you some advices. The estate of Hiranandani has a landscape which is spread on about 200 acres and more. It is one of Thane’s biggest and the best planned community which redefines the standard of living by its structure. Trust us; it would completely transform the gaze through which you look at life. The people living here in these estates house about 5000 happy families. By buying this particular piece of the land of joy, you just don’t buy a house, but you get the luxuries of a happy living, the most spectacular view, a tight knit community, conveniences in location and transport and most of all PEACE.

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