It was a very cold morning and woke up to the news about imposing lockdown all over the country. New nobel corona virus has already started to show how much it can affect people in every possible way. My whole mind was occupied only with the news about this unpredictable virus. It couldn’t go off my thoughts. However, i used to indulge myself on being productive. Everyone were befuddled and having mixed perplexed thoughts regarding the soultion. Yet, no any specific antidote to the virus was made during the complete lockdown period of 6 months.

Me, on another side had…

Break up : A New self

How many of us have been through a phase called break up? I guess, almost all of us have, at least once in a lifetime, whether it’s a painful separation with your beloved ones or with anyone who you thought were the dear to you. It’s painful indeed, however, it can be a bliss as well if you know the exact phenomena revolving around it. Because only if it was nothing else except the pure affection, you wouldn’t be in this vulnerable stage of your life like a crybaby. Yes !! We are humans…

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