The bread was actually tasty!

In 2017, a friend gave me some sourdough starter to make bread with, and ever since then, my life has changed. It sounds cheesy, but I discovered a hobby that has led me to buy almost 200 pounds of flour at a time (seriously), develop a biweekly pizza baking habit, and dream of what bread I’m going to make in the coming days!

On the left, a loaf of sourdough bread I made with a recipe generated from my neural network model. On the right, the code to analyze and predict bread recipes. (Image by author)

Because I spend a lot of time baking sourdough and experimenting with new formulas, I wanted to see if I could create an artificial intelligence-powered recipe generator that would predict something for me to make! One of…

Pratima Satish

Data scientist by day, sourdough bread baker by night. Currently working at Gyant and expanding my data science/ML knowledge on the side. Blog:

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