5 interesting facts about Dubai you probably never knew

There is just no end to Dubai’s extravagance. It is one of the most visited destinations in the whole world. You can visit the city and then further book another tour packages from Dubai if wish to extend your holiday. But as long as you are in Dubai, here are some things about this city you probably didn’t know about Dubai.

Fastest developing city on the planet

When you know that 20 % of the world’s construction cranes are found in a small city, you know that place is going through massive changes on a daily basis unlike any cities or countries in the world! Of all the major ongoing projects, one of the most anticipated is the construction of the entertainment mecca (name undisclosed) which is promised to be twice as big and 10 time more fun than Disney World and a daily visitor projection of about 200,000.

Camel racing with robots

Camel racing is to Dubai, what NFL and NBA is to United States and what football is to United Kingdom. After coming under the scanner of people from all over the world for using immigrant kids to mount the camel for the races, now Dubai replied in the way it does best — extravagance. Dubai now has robots sized in the size of small kids racing for them. These robots cost from anywhere to $500 to upto $10,000.

A city within a city

Always on the mission to awe whatever is left of the world with its excess wealth, Dubai is presently fabricating an atmosphere controlled city inside of itself that is 2.25 times the extent of Monaco. The starting yet anonymous city will be inside of Dubai’s breaking points and will highlight aerated and cooled walkways that get you from road to road and working to working for guests’ maximal solace. As it were, you’ll be able to shop, eat, stroll around and explore without being pestered by the sweltering desert heat.

Dubai is brimming with immigrants

The actual people who belong to Dubai comprise of only 15% of the population, which means the rest of the 85% of the populace is made of immigrants. 15% of the population control the wealth and are very influential in the running of the city. Apart from a class of working professionals, a huge chunk of the population also comprise of labourers and daily wage earners as the city is on a continuous phase of development.

A standout amongst the best police force

Dubai claims of a zero crime rate and anyone found violating the law or indulging in illegal activities are immediately imprisoned or deported back if in the case of an immigrant. If you do commit a crime, knowingly or unknowingly while visiting some Dubai tourist places, never try outrunning the policemen in Dubai with your honda or toyota as you will be caught up and pulled over in a matter of seconds by a white sirened Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari 911 or even an Aston Martin if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not even movie stars can compete with the lineup of the Dubai cop cars.

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