Is Majoring in Liberal Arts a Mistake for Students?
Vinod Khosla

Interesting read… I agree with your points about the need for developing critical thinking skills, the drive to continuously learn, and the need for evolving the humanities’ and the liberal arts’ curriculum but you might have, inadvertently, left too many readers (especially, the Asian diaspora) feel vindicated for forcing STEM education on their children than you had intended. :) Don’t know what was intended there…

Are you recommending this path (STEM at undergraduate level, humanities/liberal arts at graduate level) to everyone? A broad brush, then? Hmmm… a tad utopian, no? Are we trying to create homogeneous societies? Besides, it seems to belie fundamental, long standing issues such as affordability. How practical is this? What does tomorrow’s human ecosystem look like?

Maybe, next you could spend more time talking about how (in the absence of an “evolved” curriculum or till such a curriculum is implemented), family, upbringing, communities and the environment have a role in shaping our children to be empathetic, intelligent contributors to society? How big a role does that play versus formal education? Would love to hear your opinion on that too.

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