pratiyaksh singh
Jun 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Response to my last post was really overwhelming. People personally messaged me and appreciated. It means a lot to me.

We all go through a lot of pain and uneasiness. Most of the times some major events trigger it. While I interact with people, I have felt that everyone is trying their best to forget that pain. Be it death of near ones, break up, relationships, losing a job etc. we want to forget it all. It made me wonder if it is possible to forget such a traumatic experience. As I have been accused of being a heavy thinker, I couldn’t help myself but committed the crime again. I pondered and literally over thought about it. I went back to my memories lane when I was going through a lot and to so many stories I have heard from people around. I saw them going into the pain and coming out. And VOILA! it stuck me one day that there is a pattern (as it always does) and this time as well my Chemical Engineering degree came handy. :D

Imagine a glass of water. Let’s say we put a drop of ink in it. Now, that drop of ink will diffuse in water reaching all the parts of the glass. It will make the whole water blue. This is called the diffusion. And no matter how much we hate it, it will touch each and every part of the glass. And if we want to decrease the effect of ink in water, there is only ONE way and that is add more water. But your glass’s total capacity is limited. You can’t add water to it after a certain point. And effect of that drop of ink will never diminish, it will just fade away.

See Figure 1.

A GLASS OF WATER and a DROP OF INK beautifully depicting our lives || Image Source : Google

Now think of that drop of ink as that untoward incident or source of pain, your life as that glass of water and water as time. God forbid, something very bad happens. A drop comes from somewhere and enters your life. Slowly and eventually it will enter each and every part of your life. You like it or not, it will. Be it professional, be it personal, it will be everywhere . You will be thinking about it all the time. It is not humanly possible to stop that diffusion of pain in your glass of water or your life or 24 hours of your day. That is how nature is wired and so are we. I know, we all want to do some magic and forget it all. But nah, not happening. Only way possible from here is that you wait for more water to be added to your life. That is TIME. As more time passes by, effect of ink will only fade away but it will never disappear. I know that is sad, but that is true as well. There is a positive side to it, your glass of water is more colorful now and you can always look back and see what a “decorated time” you have had. :)

So, fellas! don’t try to forget it. Wait for it and it will simply FADE away.

Do let me know what you think about it. May be in comments. :)