Product Managers: ever wanted to create and launch your *own* product?

PART 2: Customer feedback is better than a gift of gold.

Feeback is like a gift of gold

As a Product Manager, it’s wonderful when you get feedback from your customers — especially when it’s about a new product. But it’s even more awesome when customers volunteer the feedback!

You’ll often get ideas that help to shape the future direction of your product.

As a Product Manager, it’s often a struggle to get feedback when you sell products through indirect channels, like online book stores. It’s the online store that owns the relationship with the customer and as a supplier you don’t have contact details or permission to reach out to speak with purchasers of your product.

A meeting by chance at Product Camp

I met Elizabeth (who’s a Product Manager at Redgate) by chance at a Product Camp meeting in London, when I first launched Product Snacks a little over a month ago at the end of March 2015.

Early feedback is such a precious thing for any company, and especially startups looking for product-market fit.

Early feedback is such a precious thing for any company, and especially startups looking for product-market fit. I really couldn’t wait to visit them!

Cambridge Visit

Cambridge is a beautiful place to live and work and it’s only 45 mins from London by train. It’s also lovely for a day trip and is steeped in history.

What I learned

  • The physical aspect of having Product Snacks cards for Product Managers works well, for moving, grouping and sorting on a desk.
  • The team would like to see some ideas for applying Product Snacks against different Product Management frameworks. Nice idea!
  • Redgate have some pretty cool skills maps they use as a framework of their own to help develop their teams (look out for the one on Product Management soon!)
Example Skills Map from
  • I should develop a stronger call-to-action to contact me and stay in touch on my introductory card in the box.
  • Code Katas are an interesting concept from Dave Thomas ( I’ll look into these!

What I tested while I was there

  • Some box designs from the printer. The natural brown boxes are preferred. Silver text is unpopular. I’ve also got a black box with black writing (not shown) — but unsurprisingly it was really quite difficult to read!
A few box prints that I took along to test.
  • This caused a few giggles and was seen as a fun thing to do. I unveiled my new microphone that I’ll be using with the Meerkat app when chatting with Product Managers at Digital Shoreditch during Monday 11th — 15th May 2015. Let me know if you want to meet up and chat about Product Management in London! [Twitter: @ProductSnacks and @prattarazzi]
Want to chat about your Products and Product Management? Reach out @prattarazzi or @ProductSnacks on Twitter.

Bonus — don’t be an asshole!

I noticed Redgate has a ‘don’t be an asshole’ policy in their ‘Book of Redgate’ for their team members :-)

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